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It is MORE IMPORTANT than ever that we make sure our landscapes receive the correct amount of water in order to thrive in our Texas weather. Irrigating too much or too little can cause stress and long term harm to plant material, and therefore decrease the value of your landscape and property. In addition, our water rates have and will continue to increase each year, and it is important that we focus on conserving as much water as possible while keeping our environment around us looking great.

LMC has created a management program that can be customized to your property called LMC H2O. Our smart controller system will irrigate the landscape based upon Evapotranspiration (ET) that is calculated for the day along with each station’s specific landscape information. This will ensure that the plant material will not be irrigated if it just doesn’t need it. Some of the station factors are:

  • Plant Type and Density
  • Soil Type
  • Sun Exposure
  • Slope
  • Sprinkler Type

Even with a properly designed system, it is important to check the system for any small adjustments that may be needed, or for damages or problems that may affect the efficiency of the system. Our irrigation team is fully trained in all aspects of any irrigation system including design, installation, and maintenance.

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