Our program is designed to irrigate your landscape with the correct amount of water year round, and at the same time, save you money. Over watering is wasteful and can be damaging to your landscape, and at the same time, under watering can be very stressful to plant material. Our water management program includes:

Water Conservation Audit – LMC will look at your current water usage and evaluate each irrigation zone, pressure, and coverage. Based upon these results, we will advise how to improve the system for the greatest water efficiency. We will identify any areas of your property where spray heads can be eliminated or zones that may be upgraded for more effective water use.

Irrigation Renovation Design – Our program provides the flexibility to phase in modifications over several years or completely renovate your system all at once depending on your budgets. Whether it is changing to advances nozzles or adding an intelligent controller, we will offer various options that are all designed to improve the efficiency and decrease the amount of water used.

Components – The following are some of the irrigation devices we will use to improve the water distribution to your landscape:

Intelligent Controller – An Evapotranspiration (ET) controller calculates how much moisture has been lost in the landscape and irrigates only what the plant material needs to thrive. This guards against the risk of overwatering landscape, including plant loss, slope erosion, hardscape damage, and other potential liabilities.

  • Master valves
  • Flow Sensors
  • Remote management
  • MP Rotor Nozzles

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