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Lawn Management Company, Inc. is committed to providing safe working conditions for all its employees in compliance with all current and applicable occupational health, safety and environmental laws. The company will develop the operations, procedures, and policies we believe are needed to provide such conditions. We will train employees to work safely on their jobs and will expect them to work safely at all times. Employees should report unsafe working conditions promptly to their supervisor.

To fulfill its safety goals, our company:

  • Appointed a safety director to develop and administer safety policies and procedures, in cooperation with managers and production staff.
  • Maintains ongoing programs at all levels to identify employee health and safety risks. The company makes efforts to ensure that all employees clearly understand all facets of company health and safety programs that directly affect them and their duties.
  • Makes control and elimination of health and safety risks a priority in company financials, business plans and budgets.
  • Controls and reduces employee exposure to all known occupational health and safety risks. LMC attempts to lower exposure levels as quickly as government regulations, technology, and economic feasibility allow.
  • Provides programs to encourage employees to identify, control, and eliminate occupational health and safety risks.
  • Plans, designs, and constructs all future facilities to provide a safe work environment.
  • Recognizes that, despite every effort, the basic responsibility for employee health and safety rests with the individual. It is a condition of employment for all employees to conduct their work in a safe and healthful manner.

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